Monday, October 3, 2011



Based on a true story, “50/50” impressively manages to take the story of Adam’s (skillful performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “Inception”) life threatening spinal cancer and lift it up with some genuine humor…thanks to his best friend Kyle (Seth Rogen: “Knocked Up”).

Anna Kendrick (Oscar nomination “Up in the Air”) lights up the screen as Adam’s “new to the job” and truly conflicted psychiatrist, Katie.

Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Help”) stars as Adam’s cheating girlfriend and Anjelica Houston (Oscar winner “Prizzi’s Honor”) as his overbearing mother.

Kyle (Seth Rogen) is raunchy (sexual humor and language) and loud...but it works for the character.

Adam’s relationships with his mom and girlfriend were “under-developed.”

Rated R
1 hr. 39 min.

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