Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monkey Kingdom

Filmed in Southern Asia, "Monkey Kingdom" is an entertaining mix of documentary and family dramedy. Tina Fey narrates the story of a young mother who struggles in the monkey caste system to raise her family.

Truly amazing that a film crew can capture all this incredible footage to put together a real story.
How could anyone really fault Disneynature's documentaries series? Proceeds from the films have planted millions of trees in Brazil, established thousands of acres of marine protected area in the Bahamas, and more.

Rated G
1 hr. 25 min.

Visit the official website and watch the trailer.


"Home" is one of the best animated films in a long time thanks to an outstanding lead performance. If the Academy awarded actors for voicing animated characters, Jim Parsons would walk away with it for bringing to life the character "Oh."
Ignore negative reviews.

Rated PG
1 hr. 33 min.

Visit the official website and see the trailer!

Danny Collins

"Danny Collins" is the enjoyable story of an aging rocker (Al Pacino) who tries to connect with the son he never knew.

All star cast including Annette Bening, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Garner, and Michael Caine.
Screen play suffers from predictable situations and an overwritten lead character.

Rated R
1 hr. 46 min.

Visit the website and watch the trailer.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Woman in Gold

"Woman in Gold" tells the amazing true story of Maria Altmann (excellent performance by Helen Mirren) who, with the help of a young attorney (Ryan Reynolds holds his own with Mirren), fights to reclaim precious family art stolen by the Nazis 60 years earlier.

Well worth the price of the ticket...this film is one of those rare satisfying movies that will make you laugh...and bring you to tears.
Ignore any negative reviews!

Rated PG-13
1 hr. 50 min.

Visit the website and see the trailer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


"Insurgent" is the engaging story of "divergent" Tris Prior (strong and convincing performance by Shailene Woodley), who is on the run from Erudite leader Jeanine (Kate Winslet).
Another story about another dystopian society that feels like a vehicle for the next installment.

Rated PG-13
1 hr. 59 min.

Visit the website and see the trailer.