Sunday, May 15, 2016

Money Monster

Jodie Foster directs this suspenseful drama starring Gorge Clooney as Lee Gates, the financial network's Wall Street TV personality. When Gates gives a bad lead...a disgruntled viewer takes the show hostage.

This movie is worth the price of a ticket. Give it a chance.

Rated R
1 hr. 30 min.

Visit the website and see the trailer.

Captain America: Civil War

Anyone who is a fan of Marvel's characters will enjoy "Captain America: Civil War"...the story of the division of the Avenger team due to the government threatening to step-in and to regulate their.

The battle between Team Steve Rogers and Team Tony Stark gives viewers action-packed fun.

Two and half hours is a little long for the amount of story. Trim some battle scenes and shorten the film.

Rated PG-13
2 hr. 26 min.

Visit the official website and watch the trailer.

The Jungle Book

Based on stories by Rudyard Kipling, director Jon Favreau brings us the entertaining story of Mowgli (human raised by a pack of wolves) and his adventures growing up in the jungle.

One of the best reviewed movies of the year.

Extra ☆ for outstanding CGI!

Not just a movie for kids. Fun for everyone.

Rated PG
1 hr. 51 min.

Visit the official website and see the trailer.