Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens


Directed by Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) and based on Scott Michell Rosenberg's 2006 graphic novel of the same name, “Cowboys and Aliens” is a creative blend of the Western and alien genres.
Daniel Craig gives it all he’s got playing Jake Lonergan, the amnesia-stricken cowboy who wanders into town…facing a whole lot of human and alien trouble.
The film doesn’t work as well as it should have…maybe if the script was closer to Rosenberg’s comics

One big unanswered question…Why do the aliens need the gold?

It’s tough to take Harrison Ford seriously when he plays the character as comedic rather than dramatic.

As I have said in many other alien film reviews...Keep the aliens a mystery!
When the viewer doesn't see them there is much more suspense.

Rated PG-13 (intense sequences of violence, partial nudity)
1 hr. 58 min.

Visit the website and see the trailer!

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